ryan kavanaugh

ryan kavanaugh



In Relativity’s thriller “Limitless,” the protagonist happens upon a magic pill that makes him significantly smarter than his rivals.

One might wonder if Relativity Media topper Ryan Kavanaugh found his own magic pill, since he has raised north of $10 billion in the span of eight years.

Now he’s reinventing a fledgling production company into what he’s touting as the new studio archetype — one that is leaner, more efficient and more profitable than the majors.

“The Hollywood system was created 100 years ago, and yet (the majors) still focus around theatrical even though we know theatrical has become a small piece of the pie,” says Kavanaugh, who gained entry into Hollywood via a series of slate-financing deals with Universal and Sony worth billions. “Our risk-reward profile is very different from the studios. Everyone is focused on, ‘Are we No. 1? Did we break $100 million in box office? What was my weekend?’ And it still, unfortunately, is how the press writes about it. But the fact is that it’s not really relevant. It’s all about profit, and people forget that.”


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