3 Benefits of Open MRI Scanners


Regardless of whether you might be looking to purchase an MRI for the initial time or you are a seasoned veteran wanting to replace an current magnet. Get additional details about stand up open mri

Listed below are three reasons why it is best to deeply consider acquiring an open MRI scanner:

Lower Up-Front Cost

With really handful of exceptions, open MRI systems are substantially much less pricey to buy than their closed-bore counterparts. This really is largely resulting from their easy and compact electronic systems and (with handful of exceptions) cryogen-free design. Transport and installation expenses are also much less highly-priced for open MRI than closed as the engineering side of your project significantly much less involved. On major of these savings, obtaining a used open MRI is substantially less costly than obtaining new.

Reduced Maintenance Price

Simply because most open MRI systems are permanent magnets, they do not require the type of tedious consideration and service that most superconductive magnets do (cryogen fills and monitoring, cold head replacement, chiller maintenance, etc.). Commonly, complete service expenses for an open MRI is going to be 40% - 50% much less than the price of full service for any closed MRI.
Can Boost Patient Scan Volume

The open MRI is able to accommodate not merely current patients (and current volume), but bigger patients as well as these that happen to be claustrophobic. For these motives there is certainly actual prospective to gain referrals your facility may not have been able to accommodate previously. This outcomes in increased scan volume and organic business growth - all though escalating visibility for the practice.

For the consideration, listed below are some of the far more well-known open MRI systems on the secondary market:

Hitachi Airis II (.3T)
Hitcahi Airis Elite (.3T)
GE Ovation (.35T)
Siemens Open C! (.35T)

See our MRI Machine Price and Price tag Guide for average price ranges on these along with other systems!

If any of those sound like benefits you are ready to look into a little deeper, we're prepared to assist you make a fantastic MRI choose for your demands. Make contact with us straight to start the conversation with one of our MRI experts or maintain reading in our free MRI Buyer's Guide to understand extra by yourself.

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