South African Travel Tips When Going to The North West Province



The North West Province is really a diverse mix of wildlife reserves, cultural and heritage sites, archaeological treasures and entertainment resorts, like the world-renowed pleasure spots of Sun City, its Lost City and Valley from the Waves, make this province eye-catching towards the local and international tourist. Get additional info about guesthouse near me


Nevertheless, although the mixture of five-star casino resorts plus the bush experience, as supplied by the Pilanesberg National Park, can be a winner, the province's other attractions are culturally rich and of excellent value. Sites and routes for example the Taung Archaeological site, exactly where it was believed Darwin's missing link was found, and also the Crocodile River Ramble, exploring local arts and crafts along the way, are noteworthy.


Sport and outdoor enthusiasts will feel at home in these natural surroundings that cater for activities ranging from water-skiing to mountain-climbing, using the town of Mafikeng well-known for delivering many of the finest gliding circumstances inside the world.




The North West Province experiences warm to hot summers and cold to really cold winters. This province offers just about year-round sunshine meaning visitors will devote really few days indoors. The province enjoys a summer time rainfall, which generally sees thunderstorms occurring within the late afternoon. Rain falls mainly amongst December and March, nevertheless the more west one travels the drier it becomes.




Shopping malls, antique shops, craft markets, art galleries as well as roadside vendors and stalls are plentiful all through the province. Not-to-be-missed is definitely the enjoyable Crocodile River Ramble purchasing route. Very good buys include things like fruit, biltong, home-made jams and preserves, mampoer (locally distilled liquor), local arts and crafts, ethnic clothes and fabrics.




Sun City:


The complex boasts two world-famous golf courses, which annually host the Nedbank 2-million golf challenge, one with the richest invitational tournaments within the world. There is a complete casino at the resort, revue theatres and restaurants for just about every taste. The Valley of the Waves is an inland sea enjoyed by all water and beach enthusiasts. Diverse tours might be taken including visits for the new cultural village and the botanical gardens.


Pilanesberg National Park:


Called "Jewel of the North West" This uncommon reserve, the fourth largest in South Africa, is set higher within the Pilanesberg variety and traverses the floor of a long-extinct volcano. The reserve is home to each of the main African game species which includes The Large Five. For the a lot more adventurous, hot-air balloon safaris could be arranged.




"The spot of boulders", Mafikeng offers numerous sporting facilities like two golf courses. There is a significant conference centre, complemented by two fantastic hotels as well as a casino. The town hosted the 2001 International Gliding Championships from its modern airport. Gliding situations around Mafikeng are regarded as amongst the most effective inside the world. A brief distance from the town would be the Mafikeng Game Reserve, well known as a breeding centre for rhino along with other plains species.


Taung Archaeological Site:


"The location on the lion", that is the location on the world-famous Taung archaeological site at the Buxton limestone quarry where, in 1924 the lime-encrusted skull of a youngster was discovered and later named Australopithecus africanus by the scientist, Dr Raymond Dart. The prehistoric skull - half man, half ape, is stated to have provided the missing hyperlink in Darwin's theory of evolution.


Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve:


Excellent stopover to appreciate a drive by way of Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve which features a range of tiny and massive antelope species and 256 bird species, together with the option of staying more than to take in some angling for carp and barbel on either the Bloemhof Dam or the Vaal River. Bloemhof Dam caters for water sports enthusiasts and is one of your prime angling destinations in South Africa hosting a number of big local and international angling competitions.




The oldest town in South Africa, Potchefstroom was also the republic's first capital. Attractions include things like the Potchefstroom Museum (inside the house with the initial president), The Old Fort and Museum, Totius House Museum, Andrew Carnegie Library and City Hall, Goetz Fleischack Museum, North West Command and Oak Avenue.




Platinum mining town of Rustenburg exactly where big deposits of this worthwhile mineral are mined. Rustenburg has its personal Nature Reserve, which protects a big herd of your rare sable antelope. Guests are allowed to hike inside the park.


Hartbeesport Dam:


The Hartbeesport Dam nestles within the shadow with the Magaliesberg and is popular for fishing, boating, water-skiing and yachting. There is a mine, zoo and a couple of compact holiday villages, such as the appealing kosmos flowers about the dam.




For local arts and crafts, a driving route which starts in Johannesburg and extends to the Magaliesberg area takes inside the homes or shops of a host of artists, potters and craftspeople, known as the Crocodile River Ramble. There are a number of pleasant accommodation options and camping spots inside the Magaliesberg region.


Mampoer Route:


Well known for the quality of its mampoer, a highly effective home-brew made from fruit for example peaches and apricots. The Mampoer Route is about 60km lengthy and introduces guests to the secrets on the distilling procedure and also contains a take a look at to a trout breeding farm and also a game farm.


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