8 Advantages Of Stand Up Pouches



There is certainly a cause why brands are ditching rigid packaging and turning to flexible stand up pouches to improved promote, safeguard, and drive sales of their products-in fact, you will find eight. From production to buy, stand up pouches provide many benefits to both companies and shoppers. Get more information and facts about Ziplock Plastic


Right here would be the eight positive aspects of stand up pouches our customers enjoy essentially the most:



Flexographic printing for flexible packages may be the most versatile of all package printing options, and may produce gorgeous HD graphics for your stand up pouch. Flexographic printing offers the most precise ink control and solid lay-down on a wide range of films. In mixture with this advanced printing technologies, stand up pouches can give your product the most beneficial, most eye-catching graphics on the shelf.



Stand up pouches is often made in a number of shapes and sizes. Consumers are most acquainted with the normal pouch-a round-bottom-gusset bag that folds flat when empty. Other options contain box pouches, K-sealed, quad-sealed (two side gussets and 4 vertical seals), and more. Stand up pouches can even be die reduce into custom shapes to truly stand out around the shelf.



Switching to stand up pouches (and flexible packaging generally) is usually a no-brainer if you’re seeking to cut down the price of supplies. Rigid packaging charges 3 to six instances much more per unit than flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost around twice as a lot as flexible packaging. Just put, picking stand up pouches over a rigid alternative will imply much-improved profit margins for your business.



Stand up pouches also supply significant expense savings in distribution. Based on the pouch plus the original packaging solution, you are able to fit 5 to ten occasions the number of units inside a single truck using fewer pallets. Since the packaging is also lighter, the fuel expense per truck is reduced. You may store extra of your product in significantly less space, and it requires significantly less time and labor to move it around.


Convenience Attributes

Customers value convenience, so it is possible to add worth for your brand with stand up pouch capabilities. Resealable closures aid extend the life of food and create a greater client experience with your product. You may decide on from press-to-close, zip lock, or hook-to-hook closures to add comfort for your pouch. You can also choose laser perforation, transparent windows, handles, and spouts. Stand up pouches may also be created steamable, so customers can appreciate the added comfort of preparing their food inside the microwave without needing to remove it from the bag.



Stand up pouches can retain food fresher for longer, and give great barrier control to shield against the elements. Puncture-resistant films can be used to safeguard your products during transport, and also a number of specialty films can deliver added protection against moisture, contaminants, UV rays, and much more.


SHELF Influence

Having a wide ranges of shapes and sizes readily available and spectacular HD graphic capabilities, stand up pouches effortlessly stand out around the shelf. The largest benefit of stand up pouches with regards to shelf effect is just the amount of real estate manufacturers now have to work with-the biggest printable surface of your package stands up and faces the client. This permits your product to compete in techniques that products in lay-down bags and smaller rigid containers can not.



Stand up pouches are far better for the atmosphere. Flexible packaging normally uses fewer materials and significantly less energy and water to create, and fewer volatile organic compounds are developed as a result. Moreover to cost savings, their lighter weight and much more compact size save on fuel emissions in the course of transportation. Any non-recyclable components used take up significantly less space in landfills than their rigid counterparts.


Make the most of STAND UP POUCHES

To love all the benefits stand up pouches and flexible packaging have to supply, you'll need to partner having a packaging supplier that will customize a flexible solution that is absolutely tailored for your product and your brand. For over 60 years, Emmerson Packaging has been carrying out just that.

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